He Lines Up 66,000 Cups Filled With Water 1 By 1. When The Camera Zooms Out, THIS Is Revealed. OMG!

Every now and then an artist comes up with a new way of creating, and it can be mind blowing.
Using everyday objects as art puts a twist on artistic creation as you are re-purposing something in order to create a work that you previously thought impossible.
Here we have an artist who utilizes water filled cups and food coloring to create a huge project that is simply mind boggling in it’s creation and mesmerizing in it’s outcome.
Talk about time-consuming! But as you will see, the end result was definitely rewarding.
As this project unfolds and the dyes begin to form a shape, by the end of the video you will see the final pattern which has to do with the very beginning of life itself. Really an incredible and totally unique project and one that you should definitely share with friends and family to promote this great art work and the time-consuming efforts involved in making it!

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