Dr.Oz Discovers: This Is How You Should Properly Pop A Pimple (VIDEO)

Dr.Oz DiscoversThis Is How You Should Properly Pop A Pimple (VIDEO)

Are you among those people who just can’t hold back and as soon as a pimple appears on your face you just have to pop it?
If the answer is yes then this advice is perfect for you. Dr.Oz shows us the right way to pop a pimple without making the situation worse.
Guest starring in Oprah’s show he revealed that almost 99% of people pop their pimples the wrong way and think that just because they popped it the problem is solved. But this idea is completely wrong.
When you pop the pimple with your fingers and fingernails and you squeeze and press you damage the surrounding skin and it cannot heal fast. This way you’re just making the situation worse. The proper way to do this, if you just must, is not to poke it too soon, wait for it to have a firm white head, so that you know that the pus is close to the surface and can be drained. What you need to do is take some disinfectant, a needle and a cotton swab. Disinfect the needle and gently wipe the pimple and your hands with the disinfectant as well. Place the needle parallel to your skin and gently pierce the top of the pimple’s center. Gently press the sides around the pimple with a cotton swab until the puss comes out. If you’re having difficulties draining the pimple, STOP! It’s still not ready to be popped. In any case, after you’ve finished wipe the area with disinfectant again.
Popping a pimple is never the wise way to take care of your skin, but if you just have to do it follow these instructions. It’s the safest way to do it and it’s how the professionals do it as well.

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