Doctors lay her baby without a brain in her arms. 74 minutes later it dies in its mother’s arms.

Emma, 32, abd Andrew Lee, 51, are from Newmarket, England are married and are impatiently awaiting their offspring. And that times two: for Emma is having twins.But during a routine checkup, the doctors discover something horribly wrong with one of the twins: "I hear two heartbeats, but there's a problem," the midwife informs the concerned parents.
During the 13th week of the pregnancy, they discover that of the two siblings in the mother's womb, Hope and Josh, that just the little Josh will survive. Hope is suffering from anencephaly, which means that the little Hope has not developed a brain. The doctors know: Hope will not survive the birth.
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But an abortion is unthinkable for Emma and Andrew Lee. They want to hold Hope in their arms, regardless of how long she will live.
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And so are Hope and her brother Josh born. For both parents, it is definitely the most moving moment in their lives: "When hope was born they put her in my arms. I cried immediatley. She grabbed my finger. 74 minutes later she died in her mother's arms."
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Her name Hope, says father Andrew, was chosen for a very special reason. The couple had heard about Teddy Houlston, a boy who died from the same disorder.
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Teddy lived just 100 minutes. However, before he died his parents decided to make him an organ donor. And that is exactly what Emma and Andrew want for her little Hope, for they believe that in this way their little daughter can live on.
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"Before becoming pregnant, I read about Teddy in the newspaper and my only thought was that the parents were so brave," says Emma, Hope's mother. "Today she lives on in someone else and that helps wit hthe sorrow, it helped me get over the pain."
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Andrew explains: "She lived for just 74 minutes, but she has done more than most people do in their entire lives. We think our little girl is a hero. I will remember her as long as I live."
Hope has become the youngest organ donor in the history of the UK. A grown woman can continue to live with Hope's kidneys. For dad Andrew, it is important that all hear the story of his little daughter: "Please register as an organ donor! Because you'll give others life after death." So SHARE this story of these brave parents and their little daughter with everyone that you know. So that as many lives can be saved as possible.
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