This woman heard a cry in the garden. When she went out, she saw THIS!

This gruesome photo is circulating the internet and inciting thousands of people to speculate wildly. Gianna Peponis from California heard a strange cry behind her house late one night at about 22:30, and ran straight into the garden to see what had happened. She feared that someone was in trouble or in danger. What she found however, was this unbelievable sight, which is immediately posted on facebook. She instantly received theories: is it an alien? A strange monster? Would the photographer perhaps, later be found murdered?  

Facebook/Gianna Peoonis

The situation is not completely clear, but the likelihood is that this is an unborn calf or deer, which has already been partly eaten by wild animals. Maybe it was born in the amniotic sac, which also happens in humans, albeit rare. In any case, it must have been quite the shock to have find this in the garden. No wonder that she shared the photo and everyone wants to talk about it. So SHARE it with your friends.

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