This Woman Had A Car Accident, And Then These Cops Do This To Her Pup. Unbelievable!

It’s in AZ, on a hectic freeway in Phoenix. There’s a car crash that causes a chain reaction of damage in which one woman’s vehicle is involved, and it flips thrice. She has some two puppies in with her.
20 seconds into the clip, you see one Shih Tzu puppy getting away and all lose on the freeway, and then police did the act!
The traffic was fast, but these cops took the pains to block it all just to rescue the obviously spooked pup! It’s so heart-warming!
In fact, they had to use their motorbikes to play catch up with the dog, and the officer does a great job catching the puppy and holding him close to make him feel safe…like to say ‘hey buddy, it’s okay now.’These guys are real heroes!
Despite the crash, the lady and her pups survived and were well re-united at the medical center and even discharged a short time later!
It’s so lovely that no one was seriously hurt, and you have to admit that what these cops did was really kind and out of the ordinary. So daring!

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