This Tasty Drink Helps Efficiently With Bloated Stomach and Lose Weight Overnight!!!

The foods you choose have a huge impact on the way you feel. And even apart from bikini season, dealing with a bloated, distended belly is just plain uncomfortable.

It’s a fairly common thing to have happen.  It makes you feel like you’ve swallowed a soccer ball that’s just sitting there in your tummy.  Often your abdomen “pooches out” so you can’t fit comfortably into your clothes.

Bloating is a sign of excessive gas in your intestines or that fluid has built up between the cells in your abdominal area.  Often, bloat can be prevented or reversed just by altering your daily diet and drinking plenty of water and other healthy fluids like juice.

If you often suffer from bloated stomach and burping we suggest natural juice which can be a solution to this problem.


■ Half of smaller pineapple
■ Half a head or two stalks of fennel
■ 2 stalks celery with leaves
■ A piece of ginger root 2-3 cm


■ Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Better if you have a powerful juicer.
■ Add a little water as needed.
■ Drink on an empty stomach if necessary.

Pineapple contains enzymes that help digestion. Celery contains so much water that it helps remove excess salt from your system, in turn helping to prevent water retention and thereby helping to reduce bloating. Fennel and ginger affect the renewal of intestinal flora. The combination that you need to eliminate bloated stomach and digestive problems.

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