This Cow Was So Scared, She Started Crying. Until She Realized Where She Was Going! | Emma, a German dairy cow, was nervous. Earlier in the day, she was loaded onto a trailer and taken away from her home. Out of fear, she began to shed tears. She couldn’t possibly have known where she was being taken.
Her life was being turned upside down, but that sadness wouldn’t persist. Fear was replaced by tentative optimism as she was released at the Kuhrettung Rhein-Berg Sanctuary in Germany. The sanctuary features rolling hills, plenty of green grass, and other cows just like herself.
When she arrived, other cows came to greet her. They enthusiastically surrounded her as if to say it’s okay. Welcome home. By the end of the short video below, Emma is happy as a clam. She’s been accepted into her new family and off they go.
Emma would have been sent to slaughter, a death in one of the worst ways possible. Instead, an animal rights group procured her and released her to live out the rest of her days in peace.
It’s a rare happy ending.

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