These are the craziest penises in the world! No. 4 is out of a horror movie.

Who said science has to be dry and boring? On Twitter, biologists are proving at this moment that science can indeed involve humor. A heated competition has broken out over who has the "biggest" - in the animal kingdom of course! And he or she who has never even thought about animal penises, can't deny being a biiiit fascinated. Because sometimes animals were endowed with by mother nature can be more than comical. Have fun with this biological case study of another kind:

1. Porpoise. 

I was wondering where the outstretched arm with the index finger was coming from but, no, that's just a very well endowed porpoise.

Twitter/Michelle Klein

2. Duck

Ducks, however, put more worth in geometry. The little gentleman here is actually spirally! That is also the case for the private parts of duck females - only that they are spun in the exact OPPOSITE direction. To make it more difficult for the male ducks. Sounds like a lot of work!

Twitter/Holly English

3. Black widow

This gem belongs to the male black widow. His magic wand is formed like a corkscrew - and simply breaks off after the work is done while still in his mate. 
But it's not so bad. Most of the time the not-so-prissy black widow eats her little mate as a dessert as done as he has fulfilled his purpose.

Twitter/Catherine Scott

4. Saltwater crocodile

THAT definitely has earned its place in "Ripley's Believe it or Not." What looks like an evil, meat-eating alien species is simply the crown jewels of the saltwater crocodile.

Twitter/The HSI

 5. Catshark

Sharks are double the trouble because they are equipped with 2 penises. Double the fun?

6. Leopard slug

Like all snails the leopard slug is a hermaphrodite and sex is a very slimy affair - especially when one is hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Twitter/collie ennis

7. Elephant

Who would have thought that the portly thick-skinned creature could be so "flexible"?

Twitter/Anne Hillborn

8. Black-tailed python

The black-tailed python doesn't just have a bifurcated tongue, but also a split penis! Two is simply better than one! 

9. Whelk

The whelk can't help but present its private parts proudly. You really can't help but notice the ratio from body size to penis size. :O


10. Spiny anteater

The hands-down victor here is and remains the spiny anteater. Under the Australian comrade's treacherous spikes hides a whopping ... FOUR headed penis! Biologists are still guessing why the spiny anteater is equipped with a four-"wheel" drive since his female counterpart "only" has two love canals. Fascinating! ;-)

Twitter/Noah Grey
This expedition into the form and diversity of the animal kingdom will certainly leave an impression on anyone! When you also want to amuse others with these extraordinary "endowments" from nature then SHARE these fascinating pictures with all your friends!
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