She has 2 pairs of twins. 12 years later the blow hits this mother – from joy.

Karen and Colin Rodger from Langbank, Scottland are ecstatic:  16 years ago they receive some news that would make any parent happy: their children will be born healthy. The two twins Lewis and Kyle make them two very proud parents!

Just 2 years later the pair can't believe their luck again. The unbelievable: it's another pair of twins! The little family will grow by 2 new sons and brothers. The mini-Scott Finn:

… and the bubbly Jude. Together with Lewis and Kyle the 4 boys form a proper gang of little rascals that keep their parents on their toes for the next decade!

12 years later, mom Karen attempts another pregnancy at the age of 41. Together with her husband Colin, she decides, despite the age, to give it another go. 
Nature herself shall decide. And she decides that it'll work! The doctors calculate that the married couple has a chance of 500,000 to 1 of having another pair of twins.

Yet the blow comes during an ultrasound in the 6th week of pregnancy! It's twins, AGAIN! Karen and Colin are flabbergasted and beside themselves from joy.

A Caesarean section is performed in the delivery room after the astonishing news: it's not 2 more boys, but two little girls! On the way to the hospital, Karen and Colin had already given them boys' names. Yet life managed to give them another incredible surprise.

Lewis, Kyle, Finn, and Jude are overjoyed to be proud, bigger brothers and hold their little sisters Rowan and Isla in their arms.

Mama Karen and papa Colin have become unbelievably proud in the meantime of their gang of rascals. And it only took 3 pregnancies for all 6!

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