Many Considered The Poor Dog Worthless Until This Happened. I Was Left In Chills By The Truth!

This is a must watch video for everyone. Watch this video and learn why the whole experience filled me with a lot of anxiety.
I was on my way home when friends informed of a small dog that was stranded. It was at the Nišava’s river islands. This is a river in Serbia and Bulgaria. We immediately went to the exact location to see whether we could offer the little guy the needed help. Since we lacked the needed tools and gear, we were not in a position to help the dog.  We then decided to call a number of people and different institutions to offer the needed rescue.
One man from “Dog shelter” (#savesashasdogs) by the name Mr. Saša Pešić answered the call. The dog had been caught by sticks at the river bed. Most people ignored it since they considered him worthless. Not all people could have taken the responsibility of rescuing the dog once they discovered it was just but a stranded dog.
Mr. Saša Pešić crossed the river and picked up the scared dog and handed it to another guy who was waiting on a surface which was slightly raised and then that guy handed it over to one who was at the roadside. You have to see how grateful this dog was.
This is one of those videos which is capable of restoring humanity within minutes. Learning that we have people who are always ready to risk their lives for helpless animals is so touching. Those who participated in the whole rescue mission deserve to be given the credit they deserve.

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