Lady posts photo of herself. But if she’d noticed THIS before, she would have been spared the ridicule.

The fact that photos are edited and manipulated is probably as old as photography itself. However, sometimes it just takes the smallest thing to radically alter what a picture is saying!   We're talking about cropping! A specific part of a photo used as a picture by itself sometimes tells a completely different story - as these 23 photos prove impressively.
1. The Sutro Tower in San Francisco is approx. 300m taller than the communications tower. In a thick fog only the upper parts can be seen. Since the tower has three distinctive, supporting pillars, the cutout looks like a ghost ship!

2. This photo shows just how easy it is to manipulate a photo to match a narrative. Sometimes, at a first glance, even the most distinct pictures have stories in the background that are a little ambiguous. Depending on how this photo is cropped, it changes the soldiers from helpful to threatening!

3. Profile Pic: Left. Reality: Right. This crop job alters this man from pitifully broke to cool playboy.

Facebook/Hội Chế Troll Việt Nam
4. What the hell …!? Oh, it's a cat's mouth…

5. Pretty obvious what's going on here. Or is it?!?

6.Notice what is bothering the guy in the picture? You might be able to read it on his face. In the picture on the right you can see why half of the photo was cut out... 

7.  This handrail design of the Westminister Bridge in English near Big Ben was chosen without consulting the sun. The shadows are playing a completely different game with the top photo section, the pavement is suddenly a penis-parade.

8. Wow, what an impressive holiday snap! Or is it!?

9. A portrait in front of a beautiful building. But what is happening above her? No wonder that this woman decided to leave the monkeys out of the holiday snap! 

Facebook/Game Online Việt Nam
10. Shark or bird? Decide for yourself.

11. Who needs breast implants? Knees will do - at least for this cropped photo. 

12. "So nice to chill by the pool!" vs. "Jokes. I have no life."

13. "He wanted a naked photo, but I was not interested in that."

14. "My partner took a picture of me sleeping. He is so cute!!" - Admittedly, this picture is almost sad. If the young woman had spotted the all-telling mirror, perhaps she would have chosen the upper picture.

15. He just wanted to know if the jacket suited him. I guess he forgot the pants!

16. "I love my new hairstyle. Dad, what do you think? I'll send you a selfie." House arrest!

17. These two will go to great lengths for a holiday photo. Too far. The uncomfortable section would later be cropped out.
18. "LOL, Bae caught me sleepin'." - You must give him at least one thing though - he has outstandingly dexterous feet.

19. In addition to the cropped photo, the handprint is also a bit misleading!

20. Timeless.

21. This picture is actually of a devout girl and her goofy shadow need to be cropped urgently!

22. In this cropped photo, a harmless snack becomes much different. Well done

23. And again, a sneaky self-portrait of a supposed nap. But it's pretty easy to spot where this "couch potato" went wrong... 


After looking at these photos, it becomes all too clear: in the world of photography, cropping can make or break the photo! SHARE these crazy photos with all your 
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