He Says People Carve Their Turkeys Wrong. After I Saw His Method, I Agree

Carving a turkey can make or break your Thanksgiving dinner.

You’ve likely witnessed the classic dive right in technique, where a relative will just start slicing and dicing, creating chunks and half slices of turkey which ends up looking like a total mess. This is definitely the wrong way to go about it.

First thing you want to do is ensure your tools are in shape. Make sure your carving knife is sharp! The next thing has to do with where you carve. Don’t do it on the dining table! Always carve in the kitchen. There’s less pressure and much more room to maneuver for a proper carve. Finally, cook your stuffing next to the bird rather than inside. Both will end up cooking better when you do it this way.

Now for the actual carve. Remove your legs first. Then comes the breasts. Remove them in one piece by cutting right along the keel bone. To create portions, just slice across the grain. Now take your pieces and put them together in a presentable style. It will not only look great, it will be much easier for people to serve themselves. Check out the video for a complete visual on how to perfectly carve your Thanksgiving turkey.

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