Do I Have Prostate Cancer? 12 Early Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore

Prostate cancer symptoms do not appear in the early stage of the disease. As the disease progresses, men can start noticing the symptoms. Regular checkups should be done every year so the cancer could be discovered in its early stage.
Here are 12 symptoms which shouldn’t be ignored and can be linked with prostate cancer:
  1. Problems with urinating and in some situations –problems with urination while standing up.
  2. Often urination especially during the night.
  3. Inability to start urination or problem with holding back while urinating.
  4. Weak urine stream or inability to complete the urination.
  5. Burning sensation while urinating
  6. Blood in the urine
  7. Blood in the sperm
  8. Ejaculation problems
  9. Pain in the hips, thighs and lower back
  10. Pelvic distress
  11. Bone torment
  12. Erectile dysfunction
These symptoms mentioned above do not appear as a result of the cancer but as the result of blockage that occurs in the prostate- claims WebMD. That is the reason why the cancer progression influences urination and sexual activity in men.
But we need to mention that these symptoms are not always linked with prostate cancer, for example can appear due to extended prostate or some urinary tract disease. So visit a doctor in order to determine the diagnose.
Also if you feel dull, severe pain in the lower back, ribs, pelvis or upper thigh –consult a specialist. In these areas bone torment can appear as well.
In its progressive stage, prostate cancer can have similar symptoms as other types of tumors as weigh reduction without a reason, tiredness, nausea, loss of appetite, leg swelling and weakness in the lower limbs-claims eMedicineHealth.
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