There is nothing better than being in love. You are just thinking about him. To find the right guy can be challenging, but if you are lucky to pin him down here are some signs that he is the right guy.
Do you want to know if a guy likes you? We are going to talk about some of the ways that you might not always know that he actually wants to date you. Here are some tips from a real expert.

1.     Physical distance

Does he come find you? Do you notice him in close physical proximity?
It does not mean how close he stands to you when he is talking to you, but it means how much he goes out of his way to be near you in situations where he might be able to come up and talk to you.

2.     He asks question and really listens

It does not matter what the questions are about.
This may sound obvious, but the truth is a guy who does not like you, is not going to take the time of date come up to you and say, for example how was your day or do you have any brothers or sister or some other questions. This guy will not remember the answers.
A guy who likes you will ask you questions, he will care about the answers, and then the next time he talks to you, he will then come up to you and start talking about the thing that you have been talking about the last time. This is a tried and true method. This guy is just trying to find something to talk about, and when they are nervous and frightened about talking to you they can come up with some silly topics, so try not to focus on what they are talking about.

3.     He mirrors your body language

And you notice the differences when he interacts with you vs. other people.
Body language is a huge sign to tell if someone either likes you or not. Someone’s body language who likes you is often called mirroring, they will mirror what you do, so if you have your legs crossed towards them they will cross their legs towards you. If you play with your hair, they might play with their hair as well. Also if you smile, they often smile. So the other thing that a lot of guys, is that they act different about the person they like. So, if you notice that he looks down, it might not be because he does not like you, it might be the opposite. It might be because he is so nervous around you, that he cannot even think what to say. You can relax him by asking questions.
These are the three ways to tell if a guy likes you.

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Source: Ask Kimberly
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