2-Year-Old Talks Dad Out of Committing Suicide

Rao Ni is a 39-year-old Chinese man living in the Hainan Province of China, and works in the field of construction.

He began a job without first finalizing a contract, and when the project was scrapped he ended up not being paid anything at all. As a consequence, he wasn’t able to pay the 40 people who had been working under him, or himself for that matter. Now here’s a man with a wife and children to think about, and forty pissed off people all asking for amounts of money he just couldn’t afford to give. He felt he had no way out.
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Ni decided that his only way out, was suicide, and he was going to do it by jumping off a bridge. Luckily, a passerby had seen him and called the police, who showed up and desperately pleaded with the man to come back over the bridge’s railing. Nothing was working, so in a last ditch effort to get the man to save himself, they brought out his wife and son. Even his wife couldn’t get him to come down, but when his crying 2-year-old begged and pleaded with him to not jump, he allowed himself to be pulled back. Suicide is never the answer. 
Police spokesman Guo Tsou had this to say after the incident was over:
“It is difficult to know what the boy could make out of what was happening, but he must’ve heard his mother and father talking for hours and realized both were upset, and he was also in tears. At the end when he started calling his dad, it seemed to get through to him and then the two fell into each other’s arms.”
 A man almost gave his life because he felt he had no way out, and the only reason he’s alive today is because of his responsibility and love as a parent. Kids can really help pull you through all the darker times, as they’ve proven time and again.  Share this amazing story with family and friends below


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