Would You Expect Your Parrot to Do THIS When You Turn On His Favorite Song!?

Your day needs a little cheering up? You don’t need to look elsewhere!

The world has been taken by storm by Taylor Swift‘s single “Shake It Off” and plenty of hilarious parodies have been caused. Humans, however, are not the only ones driven by its sick beat as animals seems to shake along with her tunes as well!
What you can see in this video is the reaction of a six-year-old Senegal parrot called Kili listening to Swift’s hit. The bird starts dancing and shaking her tail feather. It was after the owner realized the extent with which this bird loved the some that he went ahead and recorded it.
This hilarious bird shows you how to rock throughout the whole video! He even has his own tricks such as aerobatics, flip-flops and somersaults. Has a parrot ever been seen doing some stuff like that? Talent is pouring outof this little guy! Even Kili’s “band” is taped rocking out in this video thanks to the power of editing.
This piece of Kili is a total hit and blockbuster, but no doubt why! I can’t prevent myself watching this over and over again, it is so adorable.

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