While asleep you betray EVERYTHING about your relationship. You’re doing it totally subconsciously!

Everyone has their quirks when it comes to sleeping - one sleeps naked, the other builds a nest of pillows, the last likes to shoves his hands into the mattress's crannies.  But also couples, whether fresh or weathered, have experienced each other's sleeping habitsIf it's just not be going so well: save the money on the couples therapy and take a look at how you and your sweetheart are lying together in bed. The body language can reveal how things are going between you two, even the state of affairs of your sex life. "Especially when you can't say it out loud or while you are awake," says Patti Wood, author and body language expert of 30 years. Countless psychologists agree with her and have proven it after their own behavioral studies.
1. The classic spoon.
One-fifth of couples opt for this classic. In this position, one of the partners curls protectively over the other. Since this position brings the "protected" partner int oa vulnerable sexual situation it also means "I trust you." It is very popular with fresh couples looking for physical contact.

 2. The "casual" spoon
This variant is the choice of more settled couples for whom it's important to find a comfortable sleeping position. The sexual aspect of the normal spoon is lost and gives way to more trust.

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3. The flight
Similar to the spoon, except one partner is more or less banished to the edge of the bed. This may mean on one hand that the "hunter" is a bit pushy, or the hunted is not easy to have around, bothering his or her partner. However, it may also mean that one partner needs a little more space and retreats so.
4. The body salad
This extremely intimate position often happens after sex or with freshly lovestruck pairs. You shouldn't overdo it here because it can also mean excessive dependence, keeping the other from sleeping.
5. The unwinding knot
Approximately 8% of couples usually start with the "Body salad" and end up after a few minutes like this.
It's a good sign because it means the perfect compromise between closeness and dependency.

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6. Back to back
Contrary to what you might be thinking, sleeping like this is a good sign. Couples feel connected to each other, yet self-confident. If you are among the 27% who sleep like this, it means that you have found a compromise between independence and proximity. Since you do not know what your loved one could be doing behind your back, this position expresses blind trust - on both sides.

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7. The touching backs
This slight variation on the classic back-to-back position is pretty rare and is normally found with those still on Cloud 9. The trust is already there and the physically closeness is still desired.
8. The romantic embrace
Couples who sleep like this - he beguiled by the scent of her hair, she listening to his heartbeat - show great trust. AT the beginning of a relationship, this position is still maintained but becomes increasingly rare over time.
9. The winding feet
If your partner plays footsie with you while asleep and wraps his or her legs around yours, he or she is yearning for more sexual or emotional intimacy. But it can also mean that your better half is very fond of you and simply can't get enough of you!
10. The bed hog
Caution advised! Your partner is an egoist and is constricting you. A serious talk might be needed to ensure balanced roles within the relationship. Still, 3% of couples live in this unfair relationship.
There are countless other signs and further information about you and your loved one. For example, whoever's head is closer to the upper end of the bed is more dominant. Similarly, if not everything is running so well sexually, try sleeping naked - it can work wonders!

Unelievable how simple it is to get a quick overview of the health of your relationship! If you found yourself in this article, then help other couples to learn more about themselves and SHARE this article!
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