When this man hears something scurrying in his toilet he never expected what would crawl out next. Gruesome!

There is hardly a place that unleashes such various feelings like the toilet: it is the stage for where relief, disgust, and shame make their appearances. Fear can now join the production because the toilet as a principle works the other way around - things don't just go down, but sometimes come back up. The following picture could trigger a chronic congestion! In your toilet or in your bowels!
A user on Reddit posted a picture that his uncle sent him. He was staying in a hotel when he heard some strange scratching noises. He told the reception quickly since the noise wouldn't stop. They then unmounted the toilet to find out the cause of the noise. No one could believe their eyes when they saw the cause.
2 hairy legs were-were protruding from the drain! They belonged to a gigantic rat that had crawled up through the plumbing. The visitor got stuck and clogged the toilet. "I checked everything immediately. When it happens once it can happen again," writes the shocked user about the revolting picture. Luckily, the whole thing happened in a hotel with easy access to plumbers and not at home. But when you think that could also pop up uninvited in your own bathroom: you might get really creeped out.

If fate is unkind, you might also get a quite the surprise from this hairy saucer-eyed burglar - from below. Rat infestation in your sewage is the cause. Your drain is formed in a way that rats can get inside. If your backflow trap is missing an overly-curious rate could make his way through all the bends and pop up. This is what it looks like:

To not attract these little critters, with the well-endowed sense of smell: never dispose of left-over food in your toilet or pipes! Rats are very intelligent creatures with perfect noises. They are not attracted by bodily discharge, but rather food waste. If they get on the trail, then they follow it to the end. The more immediate the smell is, the worse: then they think it's a nirvana of all-you-can-eat leftovers. So they have no fear of diving through the toilet.
If it's too late and it's already happened make sure you stop putting food down your toilet. Then the animals will disappear on their own. You can also upgrade your toilet - if your toilet doesn't have a backflow clap then get one installed (you can build your own too). Both create a final barrier or line of defense for this overly curious animal. By the way: living above the ground floor is no defense for rats can climb up without problem. Ther have been reported cases as high as the 13th floor!
No one is certain of the fate of the rat in the picture, but most likely it drowned. That something like this can come out of your toilet is a real nightmare! SHAREthis article to protect people from these unwanted guests.
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