What Will Happen if You Drink Warm Salt Water for 7 days?

All of us is trying to avoid eating salt. But there is light misunderstanding about the usage of salt. It is not the point to avoid salt, but to stick to the good salt. Many of us use the refined salt which already has lost the necessary minerals. Instead of refined salt we should b using unrefined which is excellent in detoxification and digestion.
What Will Happen if You Drink Warm Salt Water for 7 days
In this video are presented the benefits of unrefined salt and ways how to add in our eating regimens. It suggests that even drinking water is not enough to flush our system because although water itself is beneficial, drinking it alone makes it move quickly throughout our bodies instead of being absorbed and used to its fullest potential. The salt water helps to slow down the water absorption process and is very good in digestion because stimulates the enzymes and acids which break down the food.
I presume you want to feel better and this way of giving the necessary salt to your body is one of the way you can manage to do. All you have to do is to fill a quart-size mason jar with 1/3 unrefined salt and then finish filling the jar with filtered water leaving 2 inches at the top. Afterwards, cover it with a plastic storage cap (not metal) shake and let sit for 24 hours. You can add more salt the next day. When the salt no longer dissolves, it is ready. This salty concoction is called Sole and it can be stored on the counter or in a cupboard.
The next thing to do is to consume the salt every day for breakfast 7 days in a row. Make a solution from ½ teaspoon of Sole to an 8oz glass of water. Always take it on empty stomach. It will detoxify your system while sets the stage for hydration and digestion.
Good and healthy way to start your day!
In addition watch the video to see how:

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