What Happens When You Wash Your Hair With Coca-Cola (VIDEO)

It may seem bizarre, but if you dream of having shiny hair and wavy Amazonian curls, you do not need any expensive cosmetics. All you need is a bottle or two of world’s most popular drink.
The blogger who won the Internet under the name Ellko heard that Coke is great for hair, especially for thin hair. What makes this more interesting is the fact she did not believe this herself. However, she decided to test this technique. She was amazed with the results.

Given that her hair is long and flat, Ellko bought two bottles of the carbonated drink, but you can use less.
She washed and dried her hair, and yes, she did not use any cosmetics. Ellko covered her room with towels, so it does not get sticky all over.

Ellko rinsed her hair with Coke, then jumped under the shower to remove a tiny bit of the sugar so she does not become a target to all the bees and other insects.
She noticed a difference right after she finished rinsing. Her hair was a lot wavier than usual. She also decided not to brush her hair so she would not spoil the effect.  As Ellko explains, you can blow dry your hair or let it dry naturally. She decided to use her hair drier. Ellko liked the way her hair looks in the very first minute of the drying process.
When she has finished drying, she was so fascinated. Her hair had an incredible volume and it was a lot softer than usual.

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