This Sweet Baby Died After a Simple Kiss, The Reason of His Death is Frightening!

As amazing and scary as it may seem, a baby can die from a simple kiss. This is what happened to the baby Sarah Pugh. The mother gave birth to a little girl who was doing well. Only a few days after his birth, little Eloise stopped eating and began to lose weight. Worried about her infant, Sarah Pugh takes her to the nearest clinic. Unable to take care of, the clinic transferred to a larger and better-equipped hospital.

Upon arrival, little Eloise is connected to machines to help him breathe and circulate the blood in his veins. Doctors thesis eliminate malnutrition and confirm that the brain baby has a disorder caused by the herpes virus.

Eloise has certainly been kissed by someone with a cold sore.When a newborn is in contact with a person with herpes, it quickly contaminated. This virus attacks the brain and affects the vital organs of the baby. This contamination is deadly! It was fatal for Eloise who has died when she was only 24 days.

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