Shaving Your Pubic Hair Can Harm Your Health

If you shave the bikini zone you run the risk of getting terrible consequences! The removal of pubic hair ‘’down there’’ has become so normal nowadays that most people haven’t got the clue about the negative effects they could face.
Bikini waxing is one of the least favorite grooming rituals for women. A new study has found that most women, who remove all or some of their pubic hair, can seriously harm their health.
Shaving Your Pubic Hair Can Harm Your Health

– Women are not aware of the risks of shaving pubic hair, because they are safely removing hair from other parts of the body – says Andrea De Maria regarding the study, published in the “American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology.”
The study found that 87 % of women admitted to trimming all or some pubic hair, and 90 % used a razor for the job.
However, genital skin is very sensitive much more so than, say, the skin on our legs. Therefore, shaving can create tiny injuries that are not necessarily visible.
That may explain why 60 % of women said they would experience side effects after pubic hair removal. The most common are abrasion, followed by ingrown hairs.
Minor skin injuries yes, but never harmless!
The skin below the waist is full of sweat glands, which means the area is wet and mostly dark. It’s a perfect environment for bacterial growth, especially if you have abrasions or little tears in the skin that allow the bacteria as well as viruses to enter making you vulnerable to more infections.
You can get infected by STI’s such as herpes and HPV, because pubic hair is in fact your natural barrier that prevents infection.
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