Scientists cut this stone open. When blood pours towards them, they make this unbelievable…

We certainly do live on an amazing planet.
Where else can you find such awesomeness? Check out these incredibly unique photos of mother nature in prime form!
Near the mouth of the Rio Catatumbo in Venezuela every 160 days per year, 10 hours a day you will experience massive lightning and thunder storms!
120 million crabs exist on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. In the fall they rush from the forest to the beach for mating season!
 Is it a stone? Nope, it’s an actual sea creature that lives on the coast of Chile!
Spiders in Pakistan actually flee to the trees when the floods hit!
Is this some man made illusion? Nope it’s just strong wind currents brought to oscillation by the mountain terrain.
While this might resemble a frozen white-haired wig, it’s actually ice curls which are really needle ice coated by bacteria called pseudomonas syringae.
The eerie green glow of the Northern Lights counts to one of the most beautiful natural spectacles on this planet. They occur when the wind particles speed up and escape through the magnetic field into the atmosphere. There they encounter gas atoms which make the sky blaze wonderfully.
The Northern Lights are spectacular sights. Wind particles speed up and escape through the magnetic field into the atmosphere. When they encounter gas atoms, the sky blazes beautifully and most spectacularly making this truly one of the greatest sights ever!An unbelievable sight!
In Mexico heavy substances sink to the bottom of the river. An underwater river forms as a result!
It ignited in 1971 and hasn’t flamed out yet! It’s called the Gate to Hell and it’s a natural gas crater in Turkmenistan.
These incredible lightning bolts happen when huge amounts of energy being is released in the atmosphere by a volcano. Really amazing!
800 pound heavy boulders rolling around the desert? Yes indeed, in Death Valley, California this occurs. Turns out frost and ice make the surface so smooth during the winter, that the huge stones can slide on the thin layer of ice covering the sand.
The Rainbow Eucalyptus grows in both the Philippines and Indonesia. And no this is NOT human painted! The bark dies at different speeds causing all these different colors.
That’s no blue lava erupting from the Kawah Ijen volcano on the Indonesian island Java. That’s 1,000-degree sulfur reacting with oxygen in the atmosphere. It catches fire immediately and transforms into a burning, blue liquid rolling down the side of the volcano. A singular natural spectacle!
A sodium lake in Tanzania transforms dead animals into salt statues due to so much salt that the lake contains.
These incredible wonders are truly amazing sights that our complex planet creates. Truly fascinating! SHARE these incredible images with friends and family.
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