Dangerous New Trend – Reto del pasesito’ “The Cocaine Challenge!”

The popular Ice Bucket challenge seems to be the inspiration for this new dangerousunrecommended challenge that encourages teens to snorting cocaine.
Last year, millions of people around the world participated in the Ice Bucket challenge and collected money for the neurodegenerative disease, to enter the challenge, people dumped a bucket of ice on top of their heads and after that, challenged their friends to do the same in an online video.

This time a YouTube viral video Reto del pasesito’ “The Cocaine Challenge” received more than 15,900 views. Along with the video, the caption reads: “This is a new challenge among young socialites which consists of ingesting cocaine.”
The Internet craze is also shared on various social media sites and even got its own Facebook page until it has been removed by the company.
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