Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

Tooth whitening includes various methods that can be very effective, but are not equally accessible and affordable for everyone. Excellent results can be achieved by using natural ingredients…
Whiten Your Teeth NaturallyLemon for instance successfully removes lime deposits. Rub the teeth with the lemon’s rind at least once a month, not so frequently in order to avoid the damage of the tooth enamel.
Banana is also recommended for bleaching. Rub your teeth with the inner part of the crust twice a day for a few minutes and you will notice a difference after a few days.
Strawberries – rub your teeth with them and then wash them so as that the acid and sugar from the fruit don’t damage the surface.
Apples are very beneficial because they kill bacteria that cause tooth decay and remove plaque, therefore dentists often recommend biting some apples.
Bay leaves and dried orange peel whiten teeth effectively. Mix equal amount of ground dried bay leaves with ground orange peel, then add a little water in order to bind the mixture. Rub the teeth with this mixture and leave it for four minutes, then wash them afterwards with toothpaste.
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