What Your Teeth Say About Your Personality

In a previous post we shared what your butt say about your personality. In this post we are sharing what your teeth say about your personality. Teeth give many clues about your personality but you nobody understands these clues. But after this post you can clearly understand these clues and can also predict the personality traits of other.
There are generally four shapes of teeth. First check your teeth shape and then read below to learn more about your personality.

1. Square Teeth

Persons with square teeth are generally calm and collected. They can control their emotions very perfectly and they are very objective.

2. Oval Teeth

They are well organized and very artistic in their approach. They are generally very shy.

3. Triangle Teeth

They are carefree and love to live with joy. They are also dynamic, imaginative and optimistic as well.

4. Rectangular Teeth

They are solution oriented, practical and good at planning. They are energetic and strong while making decision.

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