This Is What Happens When You Massage THIS Spot On Your Ear…

Modern medicine may not always work out for everyone and that’s why many people turn to homeopathic options. Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese with incredible success for centuries. For those of us who are not that familiar with acupuncture, we tend to think of sticking needles all over our body. But let’s take a closer look at one particular form of auricular acupuncture. “Shen Men” roughly translates to “heavenly gate” and it is one the point on the ear that is most commonly stimulated. In the video below, Michael Reed Gach shows us how to locate this point and how to massage it.
Gach explains that massaging this point once or twice a day can help reduce inflammation and alleviate pains. It’s incredibly easy and requires very little time and effort, so let us know if you give it a shot!

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