The grandma takes boiling water and does THAT with her granddaughter. She’s speechless.

There are sometimes situations in life that don’t seem to give us an in or an out and end in a blind alley. But this wise grandma shows her desperate granddaughter with 3 kitchen ingredients how EACH of us can deal with adversity and obstacles. Sounds weird? Just wait until the end of the story!
A young girl is visiting her grandmother. She is stressed out and dissatisfied with her life - nothing is going as planned. Whenever she thinks she has dealt with a problem, a new one pops up. The woman tells her grandmother that she is completely at her wits end and does not know how to continue on.

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Without saying a word, the old lady goes into the kitchen. She fills up 3 pots with water and puts it on the oven. As the water begins to boil, she puts a few carrots in the first pot, some eggs in the second, and coffee beans in the last.

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After 20 minutes, she turns the stove off and pours each pot’s content into separate bowls. Then she asks her granddaughter: “Carrots, eggs, and coffee,” answers the girl bewildered. Then the grandmother tells her to feel the cooked carrots, to peel the hardboiled eggs out of the shells, and to take a sip of the coffee. The grandmother does as instructed. “But why do all that?” asks the young woman, still bewildered.

The grandmother explains: each of the 3 ingredients had to face the same circumstances: being in a pot of boiling water - but each reacted differently. “The carrots came hard, strong, and unyielding into the pot. But after being in the boiling water, they became soft and pliable. The egg was fragile. it’s thin shell protected its liquid insides. But after it was cooked, its interior, its core became strong. The coffee beans were unique. But after they entered the boiling water, they changed the water.

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“And what are you?” asks the grandma her granddaughter.
“Are you the egg? Or the carrot? Or the coffee?” “Consider this: am I the carrot, that appears strong, but when things get hard and obstacles must be overcome, I give up and lose my strength?”
“Am I an egg with a soft core, but after a separation, an accident, or a financial catastrophe, I become hard and unreachable? Do I appear the same from the outside, but am bitter and petrified inside?”
“Or am I the coffee bean? When the water gets hot, it releases its aroma. When you are a coffee bean, you change the situation around for for the better when things take a turn for the worst."

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Wise words from grandma! This question shouldn’t just be asked when facing a challenge, but also to learn how to overcome it in the future. We are not always like carrots, eggs, or coffee beans. Maybe you behave normally like an egg. But at the moment, you are only as strong as a carrot. But that can always change in your life - and you alone are responsible for it! Which of the 3 ingredients matches you?

When this parable has also made you contemplate, then SHARE this story with your friends and find out which one they are! Carrot, egg, or coffee bean!
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