The doctor told her that her baby was stillborn. 50 years later she gets a fateful call from the internet.

Imagine living 50 years without knowing your daughter was still alive? That is what happened to Selma, a victim of a human trafficking in small-town America. She was lied to by Dr. Hicks, a doctor who sold over 200 babies between 1950 and 1965, who told her that her baby was stillborn.
Through the help of modern technology, however, she finds out something unbelievable.

I can only imagine how both Christie and Selma felt in that one moment. They surely have an entire lifetime worth of memories to catch up on. But when you see the moment where they have their first dinner together, all seems right in the world.
Family is still family, no matter how long separated. Share this story with all your loved ones to show them how much you treasure having them in your life.

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