Shocking: This Boy’s Hands Weigh More Than 8 Kilograms Due to a Tumor!

The story of a boy named Kaleem, from India, is really shocking and disturbing one. He suffers from a very rare disease called lymphangioma. As a result of it, his hands are twice the size of an average boy, but his parents have no money to help him fix this problem.
The boy’s hands each measure 8 kilograms and are 33 cm long, including the distance from the base of the palm to the end of the middle finger.
This little cricket fan can’t perform all the simple things like tying his shoes. Many of his peers bullied him throughout his childhood.
He says: “I do not go to school because the teachers say other kids are afraid of my hands. Many of them bulled me due to my deformed hands. I would hear them say, ‘Let’s beat up that kid with the big hands. Some of them have actually beaten me or have gone after me lots of times. “
These are not the only problems that this 8-year-old is dealing with every: “I find it difficult to put on my clothes, button my shirt or pull up my pants. But, I’m not sure if I want the doctors to operate on my hands. Somehow I do not want to be unconscious and cut open. A small operation would be fine’’.
Although India is progressing in all fields, such cases are many, because there’s unfortunately insufficient progress in the health system of India that is a huge problem for its large population.
The boy is not conducive either to the lymphangioma that is very rare and complicated condition. It is a tumor, which causes extreme inflammation resulting in doughy masses forming in certain parts of the body.
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