A Woman Tosses Away Her Newborn Baby, But Watch What This Dog Brings Home From The Garbage

A young dog in Thailand saved the life of a newborn baby after she was left for garbage by her own mother.
The dog who is affectionately called Pui, enjoys walking around the neighborhood saying hi to everyone and loves dashing into the woods and exploring his surroundings. But one day while exploring near a garbage dump, he found something quite unusual. When he sniffed and poked inside, he discovered a white plastic bag with a newborn baby still alive and softly breathing inside!!!
Luckily for the baby, Pui knew just what to do. He picked up the bag and carried the newborn back to his house. In order to get his family’s attention he barked loudly and that’s when a 12-year-old came out to see what was wrong. She was shaken to the bone when sh saw the umbilical cord was still attached and immediately ran inside to get her parents who then rushed the baby off to the hospital at top speeds. The baby fortunately although born 2 months early was brought into stable and then a fully healthy condition, and over 5 families wanted to adopt her.

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