SHOCKING!!! Dancing Squid Bowl Dish in Hakodate - DEAD or ALIVE?

The 'dancing squid'(odori-don) is a popular dish in Hakodate, Hokkaido Japan. The controversy comes from whether the squid is alive or dead. It seems like it would be obvious because it's just the head removed from it's body, right? Then why, does it 'dance?'

Dancing squid dishes seem to be at many restaurants in Hakodate, but this particular one may have been the only one with this bowl set. t had salmon roe and seaweed and some other things, with the highlight being the "dancing" squid on top. The place was located in the seafood restaurant arcade across the parking lot from Hakodate Station if anyone is interested.
The answer is pretty simple: the brain is dead but the cells in the skin and body are still alive. So, when the soy sauce is poured over the cuttlefish head it's an automatic response to the sodium chloride aka salt in the sauce. "Most of the tissue in an organism that's recently dead, recently killed, is actually still alive" Charles Grisham, a chemistry professor at the University of Virginia, explained to Discovery News. "In this case, even though the brain function is missing, the tissues will still respond to stimuli." Now that you know, does it make it any less weird?

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