Is that Jesus!? NO! Look closer and you’ll be blown away forever.

On his website, the 34-year-old describes himself as follows: “To describe Robbie Maddison in brief is like trying to fit 43 people into a VW Beetle, it just ain't gonna happen.” The biker has been biking for years with an incomparable passion. He holds the world record for the farthest job with a motorbike and is a true adrenaline junkie.
That is why he couldn’t get THIS idea out of his head. He  wanted to conquer some new terrain with his motorbike. See for yourself what he did:

This recording is hard to believe! The way that Robbie Madison realized his dream here is truly impressive and he even managed to invent a new racing device.
If you don’t want to hog this great recording all for yourself, then share it with everyone you know!
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