INCREDIBLE!!! Sinkhole Reappears at Site of Hole That Swallowed Seffner Man 2 Years Ago

In the morning of August 19, a 17-foot wide and 20-foot deep sinkhole was discovered in Tampa - the same place where a man was swallowed by the earth in while sleeping 2013, says Hillsborough County officials.
Lisa Robinson, 51, said that when she walking her dog past a fenced-off area in a sleepy suburban neighborhood near Tampa, she began to hear and feel loud rumbling. Then she quickly dialed 911 to report the occurrence as a massive hole opened up in the ground. 

Although the new sinkhole has led to no reports of injuries and no nearby homes have been evacuated, residents were painfully reminded of the tragedy that befell their quiet neighborhood two years ago.
In March 2013, Jeffrey Bush was asleep in his bedroom on the property when the floor collapsed and he fell in. His body was never recovered. His brother, Jeremy Bush, was in the house and tried to rescue him, even jumping into the hole. He was rescued by authorities as the ground crumbled around him.
After the disaster in 2013, the hole was filled with gravel, but according to a county spokesman quoted by the AP, "it's not uncommon for this type of settlement to occur when voids like this happen." Officials say recent heavy rains likely contributed to the hole's reopening.
Though nobody was injured by the re-occurrence of the sinkhole, it nevertheless has surrounding residents worried.

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