He Is Given What He Deserves After Attacking This Woman. AMAZING!

It always makes a difference when you know how to protect yourself when in a very tricky situation. This video is made for those who have always wanted to know the benefits of learning self-defense.
The video presents a tough girl with an equally tough guy that might shock you when the video starts but you have to watch it out to its very end. The guy gets physical with the girl and playfully slams her to the ground in what appears to be a wrestling competition. This girl is not one who will go down without having to fight back!

The girl under question has undergone through some jiu jitsu training and knows how to defend herself. As revealed by the makers of this clip, they had the intention of making people learn how important learning self defense is. They needed to the entire world to learn the importance of martial arts and the right time such skills can be called into action
This is enough inspiration for me to start taking self-defense classes!
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