Brilliant Reason Why She Puts Vodka On Some Cotton Swabs and Rubs It On Her Face

We have all heard about vodka, even though some may not be a fan of it. It is very popular alcoholic beverage that is used in its pure form and mixed with fruit juices.
You can combine vodka with many different beverages and you can also combine it with different food. People love its combination with fruit juices as well, they enjoy the taste of orange, blueberry and apple vodka because these drinks can be very refreshing.
However, this traditional Russian alcoholic beverage is used all around the world, and not only as a drink, but also as a facial mask, and a great one.
This is known by only a small number of people, and you will become one of them after watching the video below. You don’t always have to drink vodka in order to feel good, now you have the chance to discover its other benefits.

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