A Strange Creature Terrorizes City in Brazil. A werewolf?

In a city in Brazil called Ceilândia, around Brazil capital, there was a wave of sightings of a strange creature, which everybody called a werewolf. Nobody heard of this, until a girl posted on its Facebook a picture of the creature, which looks fake…. Anyway, here’s the rest of the history:
What’s going on social networks is that one be unidentified, half man, half wolf, would have been seen circling Ceilândia. The photo allegedly taken by a woman (who was found by the report here), had more than 560 thumbs ups and about 700 comments, until the night of Friday (31/7) on the “Roll Fair Ceilândia” , on Facebook.
Who posted the image made the warning: “Attention, everyone! Be careful, because this week a resident of Brasilia took the picture of an animal. It is not known whether it is a werewolf, but officials ask that you do not leave the capital to the street overnight. Really, I’m serious. “Who published the photo is identified in the social network as Andre Lopes. The report tried to contact the boy, but until press time, he had not responded.
Some people did not take it seriously, other took it, since the legends are strong in that region of the country. There are two only big cities in the Center East regions, mostly of it are rural areas and wild for as much as 550 miles across (900 km).
In one of the comments, a reader countered: This werewolf is walking throughout Brazil. He said, referring to the city of Barra Bonita (SP). The same photo circulated around, talking about the mystery of the show caught. In other cities like Araçatuba, Rio Preto and France, all in São Paulo, he ran the same rumor. Some people said the creature was an extraterrestrial. What we did not miss on the internet was people joking. “It’s photoshop, that’s what,” said one of the Internet users. “
Anyway, here’s the pic and the place where the creature was photographed:
Crédito: Facebook/Reprodução. Lobisomem" postada no grupo do Facebook da Feira do Rolo de Ceilândia

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