A Girl Began Stripping Down In Public, But The Reason Why Floored Me..WOW.

What happens when you are rushing through Piccadilly Circus in London and suddenly you see a woman taking off her dress in public?
Like most people, they stopped to see what this young woman was doing and why. Jae West was stripping on down, preparing to make a statement on acceptance. Jae went home with dozens of sharpie markered hearts on her body. It was a symbol of how we should love our bodies how they are and not go to extremes in order to change our perfect flaws.
Jae was joyful that her message of acceptance seemed to come across and no dobut many people were reminded how important it is not to be so critical of others and of ourselves. Body image is a huge issue with so many individuals that it is important to re-enforce this idea of acceptance and remind people to love your body, and love yourself, regardless.
This takes a lot of courage to undress in public. Check out the incredible video of her performance:

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