This widow puts a shoebox with her husband in the grave. The contents made me explode with laughter!

For some people, money is more important than their fellow humans. But this story of a rich man reminds us that you can collect as much treasure as you want - but in the end, it’s the intangibles that are most important.
This old man slaved his whole life, but was never generous with his money and saved every cent. But the miser loves his money more than anything in the world. As he begins to feel that his days are numbered, he calls his wife to his side and whispers, “Listen, when I die I want you to bury me with all my money,” he says. “I want to take all my wealth to heaven!” His wife gives the old man her word. Soon afterwards the penny pincher passes into the afterlife.
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On the day of his funeral, he lies outstretched in his coffin. His wife sits in the first row with her best friend, draped in black. Shortly before they close the coffin lid, the widow yells, “One second please!” She holds a shoebox in her hand. She lays the box next to her husband in the coffin before it is lowered into the earth forever.
“You weren’t crazy enough to give that old skinflint all the money, were you?” her friend asks, visibly deflated. “Oh yes,” says the loyal wife. “I promised him, and one must keep their word.” Her best friend can’t believe her ears: “So you actually left every single, solitary cent of his money with him in the coffin?”

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“Of course,” replies the widow. “I deposited it all into my account. Then I wrote him a check!”
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And the moral of the story - don’t pinch pennies! This widow managed to outfox her tightfisted husband by slipping through his greedy fingers. If this cunning old lady, who got the last laugh, also made you laugh, then share this story. It has an important message!

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