The Secret of Shocking Picture Reveals a Hand Grow Out of Leg!

The picture showed that a hand grew out of leg may look like a scene from horror film, which make us curious. However, it is only a surgical procedure.

A worker, called Zhou, was rushed to the hospital when his left hand was completely severed. He lost his left hand in an accident involving a spinning blade at the factory where he works.

He was rushed to the Xiangya Hospital in Changsha where doctors assessed his situation. Dr Tang Juyu, head of microsurgery at the hospital, decided he could give Zhou a chance to ‘revive’ his lost hand.

However, before Zhou's severed hand was reattached to his arm, it had to be grafted to his right ankle to keep it alive. Because both his arm and severed hand were badly wounded following the accident, and the nerves and tendons needed time to heal.

Dr Tang explained: 'Under normal temperatures, a severed finger needs to resume blood supply within 10 hours, but that time is even shorter for a separated limb. If a limb is short of blood for too long, its tissues die and it will be unsalvageable.'

Instead the team attached Zhou’s hand to his ankle, where it was “kept alive” for more than a month, until the nerves and tendons in his wrists healed.

After Zhou recovered from his work accident, they restored the hand to its original limb.

The operation had already successfully performed, Zhou is now able to move his fingers slightly, but doctors say he will not have full use of his hand until he completes a significant amount of rehabilitation. Zhou will need months of therapy to recover full use of his hand.

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