The doctor sees this teenager’s X-ray and is shocked. How is that possible?

Dr.Kenneth Hansraj is a spinal cord expert. Over the past few years he has discovered something disturbing among several patients. And it came to him as quite a shock. In the meantime he has proved its existence in a study. His findings are truly alarming.
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We spend about 4 hours a day bent over our laptop or smartphone. But with teenagers, the number of hours spent writing and surfing the internet can run as high as 5,000 hours a year. But the constant humpbacked posture, staring bent over at a screen leads to an unexpected problem: “texting neck” - a severe and constant pain in the neck.
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The pains arise when the natural curve of your s-formed spinal column begins to bend backwards. A normal neck is normally bent 40 degrees forward. A young patient, examined by Doctor Hansraj first exhibited the shocking malformation: through constant bending of her heavy head, her spine has begun to bend in the other direction!

Normally it takes years for such a deformity to develop and it occurs mostly among older people. But through extreme smartphone addiction, children and teenagers are more vulnerable since their bones are less developed and thus easier to warp. In addition to heavy neck and back pains, “texting neck” also causes excruciating migraines, shortness of breath, and numbness in the arms.
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To avoid long hours at the therapist, there is one thing you can do: take precautions. More movement is naturally the most crucial thing of all. But for relief or easing of the strain, it helps to simply hold your phone in front of your face while keeping your back straight rather than looking down at it. It’s actually just as simple as this trick to put a stop this painful epidemic.
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It’s really alarming how much cell phones can affect our health. It is thus so important to act quickly, for we only have one body. If this new disorder, called “texting neck,” also alarmed you then help others to keep their heads up by sharing this story!
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