Robber Wants Cash From A Gas Station, But There’s Something He Doesn’t Know… I’m Impressed!

When the next robber plans to go rampant in Texas, they should remember this story about their “colleague in business.”

So it happened that one DanielGaskey was getting some gas at one of the Midlothian gas stations in Texas, and then a robbery progressed. An armed guy stormed in and demanded cash from the attendant, and Gaskey was watching.

Now, Daniel is a firefighter, but if you go deeper, you’ll know that he’s a former marine. The marine part makes the whole difference, if you know what I mean. When the robber appeared, Daniel just put his hands up and backed away in a show of submissiveness and deep fear of the robber. But then you get to realize that the marines are trained to do things tactically.

What happens next will get you cheering. The former marine backs away to get a good chance to assess the situation and determine the best moment to make a move, and when he finally makes it, it’s perfect!

After what happened here, it’s hard to evenimagine there’ll be any robbers “visiting” any more. Watch this and SHARE. It’s just epic!


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