I never paid any attention to THIS number on my money. I wish I had!

Joe E. Lewis once said, “Money doesn’t buy happiness but it calms the nerves.” What truth is in these words. That said, it can be super easy to make a wad of money. How? We’ll show you here! 

The trick is in the serial number. Every bill is numbered by the treasury. The format is always the same: every bill begins with a letter and is then followed by 8 numbers and another letter at the end. But sometimes there are some crazy number combinations.

Take a look at what’s in your wallet. When the serial number has one of the following characteristics, there’s a good chance you could make a killing! Look for the following on ALL $1 bills:

  • 7 of the same numbers in a row (i.e. 05555555, or 07777777)
  • 7 of a kind (i.e. 00001000 or 66666066)
  • Alternating numbers (like 32323232)
  • Two sets of quads (such as 55557777)
  • 0-9 binaries (90000000)
  • Or normal binaries (00100111)

Did you find anything like that? Then you have a pretty good chance to make some extra dough! These rarities often sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars on auction websites (like ebay) or online collector websites! On this website there are some going for over $1,000. One with all 7’s is going for an astounding: $3,000!

Maybe you have more money in your wallet than you believe. So look closely and help some others find some luck by sharing this brilliant trick with everyone you know!

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