It looks like a pimple. But what they pulled out, got bigger and bigger.

This video shows a botfly. Normally they lay their eggs underneath the skin of warm-blooded animals, like horses, so that the larvae can hatch and grow. This video shows the larva of a botfly that accidentally laid its eggs inside a human. There is nothing worse or more unnatural and afterwards I felt nauseous. That is why there is a little advisory here: NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART. P.S.: there are also botflies in the U.S.

It looks like a pimple. This guy was bitten by a fly and thought it was just a trifle. But under closer inspection it became clear: they would need to use a set of tweezers.

You think that something like this only happens in foreign countries, but it happens even in the U.S. Luckily, they caught it before it infested the man. Share this video to give your friends a shock!
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