Dad Was Playing The Guitar When The Baby Started Doing This – This Melted My Heart!

This kid is only a few months into this world but has become Dad’s biggest fan or you can say he’s a real critic.

This dad is not one of those that will make some funny noise from devices like a mobile phone to make his son sleep, he is quite different. He does it by playing guitar to the toddler.

I have always liked it when parents sing or play music to their young ones. Some have made themselves a name by posting such kind of videos online. I hope you remember the single mom who sang a song to her daughter and soon the video went viral.

Music has a lot to play to the lives of the kids and it’s important that they’re exposed to it from time to time. It’s obvious from what we have seen so far that human beings require music from the time they are in the womb up to when they’re seniors in the nursing homes.

The dad you’re meeting within this video is playing one of his favorite songs – not by singing, but by playing a guitar. He was doing that when he was met by what he least expected – his son started laughing.

Kindly watch this video to see the kind of fun the baby is experiencing. I couldn’t hold back my laughter while watching this. So Priceless!

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