You think these are meatballs? Wait until you see what is hidden inside!

Grill season is in the air and I can almost smell the smoky scent wafting through the streets. Whether hot dogs or steaks, skewers or vegetables: there is something for everyone. This idea is a great dish for the next neighborhood barbecue. For this here is a sinful composition made from the best that can you can throw on the grill: and all in one piece of meat.
We need:
4 pounds of ground chuck burger (2 kg)
1/2 pound of bacon (such as pork belly, 250 g)
1 can of beer
And the filling as desired. Here they use:
Diced tomatoes 
Bell peppers
Roast beef
Chili con carne from a can
To begin, roll the ground meat into 6 balls. Press the can into the middle of every ball so that the meat forms into a ring around the can.
YouTube/ BarbecueWeb
Then tie the entire thing together by wrapping it with bacon.
YouTube/ BarbecueWebFinally, turn the can back out again. This is how the “meat ring” should look like, with tons of space for the filling. If it doesn’t work right, here’s a little tip: put the ground meat back in the fridge. When it’s cold, it holds the shape better!
YouTube/ BarbecueWeb
And then it’s time to get to stuffing these bad boys up! Grill the ingredients beforehand. I would definitely recommend some tomato, peppers and a few mushrooms. Serve the spareribs as an appetizer to prepare your guests’ palette for the smoked nirvana awaiting them. ;-)
YouTube/ BarbecueWeb
And then fill them up at your own discretion! Make sure to garnish them with some cheese on top. It keeps the whole thing together! Whether grated or in pieces, it’ll taste divine.
YouTube/ BarbecueWeb
The transformation: a golden-brown and aromatic miracle. You can see how crispy the bacon is on the outside.
YouTube/ BarbecueWeb
And voila! Indeed, we need no words other than: bon app├ętit!
YouTube/ BarbecueWeb
And here is the whole masterful culinary performance in video form:

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