With this mixture for 10 days only, you can remove the toughest wart!

Warts on the hands on the chest, face, neck today can be removed regularly by application of herbal preparations already for a few weeks of the treatments. Wart is pink growths that occur on the skin and semi mucosa, and cause are human papillomavirus, ie some than 60 sub-types of this microorganism.
They can occur anywhere: warts on the face, around the mouth, the nose, the forehead and the scalp, but most often warts occur on the hands, particularly most common are in children. Infection can occur at the swimming pools and public beaches, through sexual intercourse, by using objects that have come into contact with an infected person – towels, shoes, toilet, bathroom… Since the warts caused by a viral infection, the body eventually develops resistance and due to the effects of the immune system they often spontaneously disappear, but if this does not happen, they need to be treated.

Soak gauze with beer foam and snuggle up the warts on the hands. Treatment repeated daily until warts disappear. This therapy can be applied to all parts of the body affected by warts.
If the wart is hardened, then use a little stronger natural remedy.
Sea water has proven to be an excellent remedy.
Contains minerals, salt and iodine, that include foster  for wound healing and drying of warts. Squeeze a little houseleek, put coarse sea salt and let melt. Take the gauze, soak and place directly on the wart and hold for a while. Treatment of seawater to be successful, it is necessary at least 10 days to put coverings on the wart.
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