The Kid Was About To Be Abducted Until This Happened, What A Rescue!

One mother went shopping in one Oklahoma Walmart accompanied by her 2 young daughters. Mom did not anticipate what was about to happen. While she was shopping for some frozen items, her daughter of 2 years of age was snatched by Sammie Wallace who is 37-year old. Upon snatching the little girl, he immediately pointed a knife towards the little girl. The incident shocked all the bystanders and 911 was called and within a short time, three police officers showed up. They attempted to offer the suspect who has a record of mental illness and violent conduct a chair hoping that it will prevent him from moving.

The police never knew what to do when he started from 60 downwards while moving the knife towards the throat of the little girl. Then, the best moment to take a move presented itself. So as to distract him, one officer spoke to him while Captain David Huff bent near him. As the man moved his head from side to side, it provided the best chance for Huff to shoot. Then, mother and her daughter were finally reunited.

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