Shocking! Pitbull dog kills his owner; the banned breed beheads the master (Watch video!)

Call it the bane of owning designer dogs or just a sorry occurrence, in a shocking incident a Pibull dog from Chikmagalur (Karnataka, India) attacked a man, his owner only to kill him–at least that’s what the reports claim. We were terrorised to see these images that are doing the rounds on WhatsApp. While the authenticity of these pictures are questionable, these images have shed light on the risk of owning this breed that has been banned in several countries. Its a known fact that Pitbull and Rottweiler are listed as the most unpredictable and aggressive breeds of canine. In spite of being notorious for their super-aggressive behaviour some people dare to own these dogs with a hope that they can tame these demonic creatures.

Reports also suggest that this dog was brought at a whopping cost of Rs 9 Lakh (US $ 14,000). After attacking his master the canine kept biting the head of the owner till his head was separated from the torso. The body was found in a blood of pool with the dog smeared in red. The pertinent question that looms large now is that why such breeds are available freely in the market? (Watch images and video at your own risk!)

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