Exes Play ‘Truth Or Drink’ And It’s Just As Awkward As It Sounds (Video)

Seeing your ex is hard enough, but playing Truth or Drink on camera looks about as painful as giving birth to a motorcycle.
Here are the rules: Either you answer the question or you take a shot.
Another way of putting that is: Either you poison whatever healing you’ve done since your breakup with way too much honesty or you poison your body with alcohol. Your choice, guys!
The first question, for example, is,
Do I ever pop into your head while you’re masturbating?
One ex-boyfriend answers with a simple “yes.”
It gets more cringe-worthy and amazing from there. The power dynamics are out of control.
At one point, they are forced to take body shots off their exes, and it makes body shots look about as fun as performing heart surgery on yourself.

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